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I think he should have refined his writing somewhat.

The bit on a new effective AWB doesn't quite come off. He says banning cosmetic features such as pistol grips will have no bearing on lethality, yet he seems to agree on passing some sort of AWB... The problem is that there is nothing to ban except cosmetic features. At least there isn't short of banning an entire action type, such as semiautomatics, which obviously won't fly with SCOTUS, and of course wouldn't be effective anyway. I agree with drug legalization, though I don't like drugs, because we already know prohibition isn't exactly working as planned (oh wait, didn't we figure that out like 80 years ago?).

The magazine argument is easily refuted. Even if we could magically rid the world of everything over 10 (or 20, whatever number you want to use) round capacity, a criminal could plan accordingly and carry more magazines. Those of us who will be using them for self defense or defense of others don't get to plan when we are in such a situation, so this either puts us in a more dangerous position or requires we carry bunches of magazines at all times. Doubt most people can wear a full tactical vest to work and whatnot... so this would help in what way?
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