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100 yards is easy and I can hold fair groups with my Marlin 44 and my Beretta 9mm. The best that I own is the Ruger 77/44 that’s attached. I have tried 200 yards with a Penn 240 TCBB lead bullet but never got better than +15 inch groups and that was with a lot of work.
With my ability and eyes 150 is doable with the Ruger but the other two it’s just too far.
But it sure would be fun to work up some loads for 300 yards.
Which I just did.
I have a 200 Gr load that I can get 1900 FPS out of the Ruger
With a BC of .12 and sighted at 100 the bullet drop is
0 yards:-1.5inchs 100: 0 200: -19.0 and 250: -40.0 and they don’t have 300 for that BC.
It actually sounds like fun, (300) but you sure would need a spotter. We have a 300 range and think I will try when the weather gets warmer. I know a lot of people will say that lever actions and pistol calibers are only made for 100 yards or shorter but a lot of people have been surprised at the groups that I can get with a Beretta 9mm Carbine with an Aim point. 6 inches at 100 are not that hard.
300 yards with a 45 LC in a Golden boy, it’s not going to be easy, might be impossible to keep them on paper but you’re only as good as your next shot, and having shot with some real good Marines (retired) who knows.
Never knew a Marine afraid to do anything so heck, give it a try.
From a flying squid friend (retired).
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