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"I'm also trying to sell off my assault rifle before Feinstein is properly shouted down and the flurry of panic-buying comes to an end. Though, part of me thinks the days of getting an AR for less than $800 and an AK for less than $500 are gone."


But they may be irreplacable as I just don't see the other side being beaten back anytime soon.

Maybe some disgusting comprimise will happen, but they have inertia on their side - just trot out a child or wheel-chair-bound victim at EVERY photo-op.

And we all know how stoopid the US populace is - witness who was re-elected as proof.

Afterall; AR-15s can down air-o-planes and destroy trains.
In a victim nation, a classroom full of dead children is morally superior to a teacher holding a smoking gun knowing she just protected her students.
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