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1. Military brass with crimped primer pockets = Dillon swager (a must have)

2. Forget the Ultrasonic. I have one and dont use it. Went back to tumbler.

3. If you have the budget I recommend the Dillon 550 series and up for high quantity reloading on those specific calibers. Not only for the press but also the dies. They have a lot of nice design features for the money.

4. Seating die, Go with "Bullet Drop in" type to save on fatige/pinching. It will happen. (If money is no object)

5. A good scale is you best friend.

6. Reloading manual, "READ IT"

7. If I had to do it all over I would have spent more money on case prep equipment. Its not as critical for Semi-auto's. Case prep is a pain. I like the Hornady powered trim and prep station. Hope to get one myself some day.

Good luck
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