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223 is just barely enough for a deer.
With bullets designed for deer hunting 223 is more than enough for any deer on the planet. Most of the failures are when folks try to deer hunt with varmit bullets. Shoot varmit bullets through a 30-06 at deer and you will see failures as well.

For the record, I rarely hunt with my AR, but it has nothing to do with any concerns about the 223's abilities to take deer. Most of the areas where I hunt have good populations of bear which are legal as well. A 223 is a fine deer caliber with good bullets. It ain't a bear gun.

Unless your hunting varmits, you can't hunt with a 20-30 round mag.
That depends on where you hunt. There are no restrictions on ammo capacity in many places. Just personal preference, but I actually prefer 20 round mags to 30's because they don't get in the way. When hunting with my AR I use 20's and only load 8-10. But there is no law here, or in many places.

I don't know if an AR is a better choice than a good bolt rifle, but it is certainly a viable choice if someone wants to use it so. But as others have said, the 2nd amendment isn't about hunting. But the more hunters using AR's the harder it is for anti's to argue that point. This is exactly why we are in a better position now than in 1994.
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