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You'll have to coax yourself to shoot faster. Extend your limit's. You can back off your shooting speed alittle during competition; while you think your shooting slower, but other people around you, will think you are shooting very fast. If your shooting range --- does not allow you to shoot fast --- find another range that will.

You will have to shoot a string of at least six shots --- very fast in succession --- to see if your stance or grip is failing you; especially with a shotgun.

"Two 1.5 seconds --- touching together {say a heart area}, is effective --- but six 1.5 seconds --- all over the torso area, is alot more efficient." Quote from: Magpul's Art of the AR-15 #2, DVD.

Some DVD's on the art of pistol craft --- check out: Jerry Miculek, Matt Burkett, Magpul's --- Art of the Pistol and one DVD titled: Three Grand Master's, that you can buy at Dillon Free Press.

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