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This would include rations, camping gear etc. In the terms of engaging a hostile force, what would you normally do with all that gear?
I wasn't an Infantryman per say. I was a Cavalry Scout, and trained to fight the Russians in the Fulda Gap from my Bradley. Obviously, that didn't happen so when we went to the big sandbox, we fought as regular infantry, dismounted, or in hillybilly armored humvees.

I didn't deploy with the majority of "camping gear" that I was issued. Most of what I took with me was gear my like what a college freshmen would take into his dorm the first time. Shower caddy, twin sheets, coffee pot, etc. etc.

As far as field gear, most everything I wore outside the wire had a purpose and would stay on my person or within my immediate grasp inside the Humvee.

This would include GPS, radio, headset, flashlight, Camelbak, Leatherman, and the like. All of those assorted sundries, plus ammo and a frag grenades, one smoke grenade and a bandolier of 40mm grenades rode on my person. Either attached to my belt, plate carrier, or shoved in an ACU pocket.

I indulged myself in a bit of a WWII fantasy by shoving a picture of my then girlfriend in the padding in my k-pot.

Nothing I carried I would ever drop and cache during a fire fight. All of it was needed. I figure, between ammo, water, armor, comms, and other assorted sundries, I was walking around with about 80-90 pounds on. It was heavy and somewaht cumbersome, but not as bad as luggin around a 150 lb backpack like the LRRPs did in Vietnam.

The only time I ever really noticed a problem with it was when we would be high in the mountains and the air was super thin.

Then it was "step, pause, breathe, step, pause breathe."

Hope this helps. Any questions, feel free to ask or shoot a PM.
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