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It is another situation where reloaders turn their head or ignore the problem in the big inning, before the Internet, reloaders, before the Internet knew when they used an acid for cleaning cases the cases turned pink and or orange, In the old days, in the big inning reloaders were better readers, they had an ability to read and comprehend, they were also good listners.

Me? I clean my cases in a tumbler with corn ground up cobs and NOTHING! In the beginning of the Internet cases turned orange when cleaned in an acid like vinegar. reloaders left their cases in the acid tooo long, Before the Internet reloaders followed instruction, when they used acid to clean their cases they rinsed their cases with boiling water, not once but twice.

Then came stainless pins, and I ask why stainless pins? Could it be because stainless steel pons resist rusting when exposed to an acid? Back to ‘WHAT HAPPENED?” In the big inning acid turned cases orange and or pink when exposed to acid, reloaders have gone back to using an acid with stainless pins, same cases. the story all ways starts with “Here is what I (big ‘I’) do.... .

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