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Picked up my first Gander purchase this morning and it went smoothly. I was doing the waiting period time over the weekend, and really did not want to be there when the place was full of newbies.

The store is about 60 miles from home and the counter fellow was actually from my area and we know several people in common. I also shot the breeze with a buddy from our local gunclub who was looking at the ammo. Like old home week there this morning.

So, what I bought was not a super bargain, but not a rip-off either like most on gunbroker these days.

The handgun selection was good, almost every item in the sale flyer was in stock. Ammo was plentiful except .22LR and 9mm. The counter guy said they got a supply of .22LR on Friday and it was gone in an hour. Who knows why. Ammo prices all about 2 bucks higher per box than WalMart. There was a 2 box limit as well.
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