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Kickstarter Update - T Minus 5 - Breathe

Just like in target shooting, breath control is critical when conducting a Kickstarter campaign. Shallow breathing or holding your breath in anticipation is not a good idea, especially when there is five more days until the end of the campaign. So, I’m taking a deep cleansing breath and diving into this update.

Here is the good news; we’re still trending ahead of our first campaign curve with fewer donors, but today is one of the most critical in the campaign. Today, we need to raise $3,000 to stay on track – our daily average has been $1,525. The ultimate target for the day is to reach 50% of our goal at $35,000. That means doubling our efforts to get our friends to join us and/or doubling pledges.

For those just joining our effort, we were at 40% of our goal five days out on our first campaign, so we have faith that we can repeat that successful performance with everyone’s help; especially since last month, when our 2nd Amendment rights came under an unprecedented attack at the states and federal levels. With your help we can create a film that can change attitudes and turn the tide in this current crisis.

Past donors from the first campaign, please consider matching your original pledge. You had faith in our effort before the 2nd Amendment became a piñata at Feinstein’s reelection party – I hope you still do.

“Double and match” are the final words I will type today. Well, actually “today” was the final word. No, “word” was...breathe, boy, breathe.
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