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I own both and think they are very good guns. I shot both equally well (8/9/10 ring at 7-10yds). They have gone bang everytime I have pulled the trigger regardless of the crappy or high quality ammo I have in them.

They both have pluses and cons.

I think the XD is better at managing recoil (slightly heavier firearm), has some good safety features (trigger safety and grip safety), it has a nice solid feel to me. Overall, it is shorter then the M&P, but they are the same height and roughly the same thickness

The M&P has better ergonomics, has a higher capacity (15 vs 12), better aftermarket support (trigger kits, etc)

The M&P's trigger does feel gritty when you pull it and it has the annoying take down lever in the magazine well.
The XD is a bit harder to upgrade the sights (they are a PIA to remove from what I have heard).

They are equally good guns with their pluses and minuses. For myself, I give the nod to the M&P due to it feels a little bit better in my hand then the XD.

Best thing for you to do is to test each one and see which one feels the best to you.

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