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Arizona Pro Gun Bills Package HB2431, HB2432 & HB2433

I need your help to push these bills currently in committee in the AZ House, and to solidify sponsorship in the State Senate. Please contact your Arizona State Reps and Senators and ask them to support or sponsor these bills. All three bills need to pass, as they form an interwoven and interdependent legal protection scheme.

I am an Arizona attorney who, while working with the AZ GOP in drafting other legislation, had them line up Rep. Carl Seel to introduce a package of pro-firearm legislation, which I have drafted, in the Arizona State House. This package of three bills (HB2431, HB2432 & HB2433), operating in conjunction with each other, is written in such a way as to utilize a series of existing and still valid US Supreme Court decisions from the early 1800's through the present to legislate the continued legality within the State of just about every class of firearm sought to be banned in the current political climate. The legislation further provides a mechanism for the continued sale of such firearms in the event of Federal action seeking to restrict such sales. The unique approach to this package is its reliance on areas of control held entirely by the State and not within the Federal powers to legislate (which has never stopped the Feds from trying in the past).

I have already created a number of court briefs and prepared the majority of the legal defense of this legislation for use in the likely event that it is challenged.

This legislation also corrects wording in our Made in Arizona commerce clause defense legislation, to correct the portion attempting to address machine-guns, which actually caused shotguns to not be protected by the prior bill.

Please help us get these laws passed before any contrary Federal action can go into effect. I am currently working with both the AZ GOP and the AZCDL, and have met with and received the support of many Reps. and Senators on these bills, but no firm sponsors in the Senate, and these bills may end up bogged down in multiple committees in the House.

Other states have reacted by passing a series of "don't try to confiscate our guns or we will get mad and arrest you" laws, but have (for the most part) so far failed to produce a legally defensible state reason why these confiscations can't occur. I am hoping AZ will be the first to move in this direction.

Please feel free to PM me. I did not include contact information for myself or my firm due to spam and business considerations. I also assume it would violate advertising rules on the board. I deal with RKBA issues.

By the way, PC day at the Arizona State Capitol is tomorrow. Call your Senator and Reps and just get 5 minutes to meet and talk with them about the importance of protecting our rights.
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