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You need a death grip on it or it really hurts.
Just looking at the shape and size of your hands in the pictures, I can't help but think that either swapping out the magna stocks for something a bit more hand-filling or adding a Tyler T-Grip might help you shoot more comfortably. In my experience, the difference between a magnum revolver with stocks that fit my hand well and one with stocks that fit my hand poorly is night and day.

No, for my part if, I carried the .41 again and thats a big if given my afinity for semi-autos, I use the 210 grain Gold Dot, or 180 grain Barnes. Perhaps the 210 grain Nosler.
Among .41 Magnum afficionados, the Winchester 175gr Silvertip is a very popular self-defense loading. At an advertised 1250fps for 607fpe, the thought is that it delivers a useful amount of power without excessive recoil. While the Silvertip is a dated bullet design, one of the advantages of a magnum revolver is that they don't usually need the latest and greatest bullet design to be effective.
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