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Pre-rifle training for my son

My son is turning 5 on the 4th of July this year. I will be able to bring him to the shooting range with me!!!!! I really want him to be as safe as possible and 100% ready when his little feet hit the ground. I am making front and rear sight cutouts for him so that he can consistently show what a good sight looks like. I am drilling him on how to carry the rifle to and from the firing line. I am going over the basic parts of the rifle with him. I am doing my best to teach him firearms safety. In short, I want to completely take the mystery and fascination of the firearm away and have him look at this as a tool which, above all, must be respected and treated carefully.

Please, provide me with your experience in ways that you passed down this type of information with your kids. I have learned that, although experience is the best teacher, more often than not, it is still best to learn from others and their mistakes (God willing, no mistakes here)!
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