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Well, let me put it this way.

I'd really like the ability to do high precision shooting.

I don't really intend on going out and putting 30K rounds through my 6.8 annually. That said, I have quite a few stupid friends who want to tag along and put heavy volume through the other two calibers. I think that secretly they just like to hear the bang.

The 30K rounds may be a bit excessive for an estimate, but I'll definitely be over 10K rounds per year between the three calibers.

So, basically, I want something where I can take my time and load a few thousand "precision" rounds per year for myself, or reduce the powder load by 15% or so for safety and blast out 10K or so rounds for them.

Thanks for the info on the Hornady, and I've used Dillan when my dad owned his gun store. I wasn't the biggest fan although it could turn out pistol ammo right quick.
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