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if thread hijacking were a crime, many of you would be going to jail!lol id go with the 243 personally out of the rounds you listed. its flat, its fast, and its PLENTY of power to drop a deer with, especially at 250yds and in as you stated in your first post. My favorite deer cartridge at 250 and in is 223 remington. i have a 308 and a 6.5 creedmoor but i consider those overkill considering most shots taken are between 50yds and 175yds. ive killed maybe25 deer with my 223, all doe. ive personally never had one run, id say 18 to 20 of those deer dropped where they stood (mostly bread basket shots and a few head shots) and the rest dropped where they stood and required a follow up shot for a quick and humane kill. i have a bull barreled ar-15 with an a3 flat top reciever and a leupold vx-1 4-12x scope, and also a remington 700 sps tactical in 223 with a nikon m223 4-16x scope with the 600bdc reticle. 69gr sierra hpbt out of the ar and 55gr nosler ballistic tip out of the remington. i also load the 55gr blitz from sierra for my remington. the scope is calibrated for a 55gr at 3240fps so i like to stick primarily to the 55gr for that gun. i would choose the 223, but of the cartridges listed im a fan of the 243.
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