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This is something I've been curious about. When you're kitted out for going into the field, from my understanding you're usually given everything you'll need to survive while on an operation.
Yes and no, you take a basic load that will support you for a given time and resupply as needed.

This would include rations, camping gear etc. In the terms of engaging a hostile force, what would you normally do with all that gear?
Ammo and food yes, sleeping is over-rated, really, you don't sleep much on an op. Even on a FOB in Iraq the guys were only getting 3-6 hours of sleep on average all through the rotation.

do you usually drop it and then come back to it once the situation is under control and the area is secure? I recall that an average Marine carries roughly 100lb of gear on top of all his ammo and weapon when he's out and about on a mission.
Basically yes but only if you are dismounted, if you are Armored Inf you gear is with your vehicle.

You're right, It's not easy. I was a Combat Engineer and the 12Bs carry even more equipment then the Grunts do, but they are rarely dismounted unless that is required.

Of course there is a world of difference between operations like Iraq and Afghanistan and force-on-force conventional operations.
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