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P250 short trigger on subcompact frame - not firing

Hi, thought I'd post this here first before throwing to the semi-auto forum.

I've been really happy with the interchangeability of the P250 FCU's, barrels, mag calibers, etc. so was looking forward to seeing if the short trigger felt better (hands are medium-ish, but I'm a fat old man these days with chubby digits).

Install is a snap. Works great in full-size and compact, but on the sub-compact frame either the trigger guard is preventing the trigger from releasing the hammer or something else is hitting underneath the FCU around the trigger opening. Will let the hammer fall sometimes, but not reliable. Eyes are getting old too, so hard to tell.

Anybody seen similar? Any ideas on which parts of the poly frame to grind on to prevent this problem? Don't want to mess up anything structural.


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