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Ok. I will attempt to make one more point then I am done. It seems that several on here are trying to make arguments as to why the caliber they hunt with is best. The OP didn't ask what caliber anyone thought was best. He asked which caliber you would recommend to someone as a "first deer rifle". While I personally like the .243 best for some of the same reasons mentioned, it is also the round considered by at least 80%, if not more, of all hunters to be the absolute minimum cartridge adequate for deer sized game. I don't necessarily agree with that either but, at the same time, I feel like it is nothing less than irresponsible to recommend to someone for a first deer rifle the very cartridge that most would consider to be the very minimum adequate to do the job. This is not a contest about whose favorite caliber is better. It should be an attempt to give someone the advise that he asked for without consideration to what you feel is good enough or what your favorite is. There, now I am done.
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