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Thanks guys.....

Here is a question....

I have ready repeatedly that mutton tallow makes a period correct lube for the era of the War of Northern Aggression (Hows that..and I am from Pennsylvania... ;o) ) .

But the last time I read anything, there were pigs during the war just as there were sheep.

Was there some preparation that was provided to the troops which we are certain consistently made use of mutton tallow?

Do re-enactor groups have rules which specify mutton tallow and if so, What is the basis for it?

Was there some guidance provided by the Union or Confederate government that specified mutton tallow?

Is there historical evidence that soldiers used only mutton tallow?

To Mailmaker,

You and I have been consistently on the same page with regard to bore lubes. You use Crisco because you know it works for you. I use Crisco because I don't know any better but I am about to find out.

To Noel,

It was my plan to try to arrive at the same stiffness by using more beeswax. So I am on the same page with you as well.

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