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Question for Military (active or retired) Infantry members

This is something I've been curious about. When you're kitted out for going into the field, from my understanding you're usually given everything you'll need to survive while on an operation.

This would include rations, camping gear etc. In the terms of engaging a hostile force, what would you normally do with all that gear?

do you usually drop it and then come back to it once the situation is under control and the area is secure? I recall that an average Marine carries roughly 100lb of gear on top of all his ammo and weapon when he's out and about on a mission.

I can't imagine that would make combat maneuvers exactly easy to execute especially when wearing kevlar and the like.

How about those of you who served in Vietnam or perhaps even Desert Storm/Shield.

I've been working on some novels which involve military themes and talking and learning from those with experience would certainly help if anyone would feel so inclined to share.

Thanks in advance
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