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Originally Posted by Pahoo
means that one is inferior to the other
No, it means, "I like this one better than that one." And that's all it means. That's the reason wood fired pot belly stoves with enamel finished coffee pots on top and wood chairs and three-legged stools around them exist.

Now, pour a cup, light that god-awful smelling pipe and sit yer butt down.

I own both and have shot more than a few rounds through both. I personally prefer the GPR. But if I didn't have a GPR (actually, more than one) I'd not hesitate one second to pick up a T/C Hawken. And I have no doubt whatsoever that for every one of me there's another iron-headed old fart out there who'll say the same thing about the T/C Hawken that I do about the GPR.

Pass the pot, please.

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