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since I reload so many cartridges, I've got a collection by default ( I actually have several 100 odd balls more than just what I reload )

my retired machinist buddy has litterally many 1000's of oddball cartridges...

so how do you guys display yours ??? mine started out in 2 X 4's with holes drilled for the bases of the cartridge, but I've long since overgrown that set up... my collection, is now, litterally a pile built on top of those couple 2 X 4's...

my buddy mentioned above has his all in old machinist drawer cabinets, sorted out by caliber... my problem with "formally" collecting cartridges, is how to display them where they are easy to show off, in a system that is easy to grow as I collect new ones...

how about some pics of how you guys store & or display your collections ???
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