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I've also a bit new at this (a couple of years) and I only reload .308 at first I wanted to shoot a lot and then the high precision/long range bug bit me.

The thing you want to avoid is buying twice the cheap tool that doesn't work, and then the goodone that does.

I tried a ultrasonic cleaner and I found it to be a waste of time and money, but if you want to go that route send me a message and I'll sell you mine cheap (its just sitting in the garage). If you are near an Harbor Freight store you can buy a vibratory cleaner and media for half price or less than what they sell is at gun stores/web sites.

I have Hornady LnL AP press and I can truly say that it doesn't work the way they show you on Youtube videos, so forget that!!! It's just plain marketing/lies. Having said that, I still think the progressive press is the way to go.

I also bought the Hornady Case Prep center and I think that it is a very good system that combines alot of funtion in a small footprint. It could be improved but it is workable. This I think is the best piece of equiment I have that saves me time and effort.

I would forget the Chargemaster, it is expensive instead use ball powder with a powder measure on your pprogressive press. Ball powder flows like water and I get +/-one tenth of a grain, with 80% right on ther money. Instead, buy a really good beam scale to check your loads. I started with a Hornady electronic, but eventually moved to RCBS 1010 scale.

Forget the powder cop/check. If you really want one, I'll sell you my Hornady powder cop. For rifle cases it is impossible to double cahrge your case, although you may occasionally fail to load one.

Having said all the above, the most important thing you need is a couple of good books to get you started. Without those forget the whole thing.
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