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AR Receivers - smooth vs. not-so-smooth texture???

I just purchased a set of SI Defense billet upper/lower receivers. As I'm assembling the lower receiver, I have an older Colt SP1 Carbine next to me so that I can remember how to fully assemble the receiver set. (putting it together was no problem).

Aside from the receivers looking slightly different than the old A1 style, the biggest thing I noticed was the finish. The finish on the SI Defense receivers is hard-coat anodized. I don't know what type of anodizing process they used on the old A1 style receivers. But, the older Colt receivers are very slick to the touch, especially inside the upper receiver where the BCA goes. As I ran my fingers inside of the new receiver set, it wasn't exactly rough, but it wasn't slick like the AR receivers.

Has anyone noticed this with their AR builds? Has anything been reviewed about the "smoothness" of the upper receivers? In a side-by-side comparison, this really stood out - just wondering what others think about this or have experienced. Does this matter at all?
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