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Sport45 The no BS warranty is like buying an extended service plan on a vehicle. Except RCBS is forcing you to buy it instead of making it an option.

If I could buy the RCBS press for half the price with a warranty similar to Lee's I'd buy one without hesitation.

IMHO, nothing breaks often enough on any press to justify paying extra for extended warranties.
Lee Classic Cast $93.99.

RCBS Rock Chucker $139.95.

Lee is hardly half price. A $46 difference, but not half.

Lee = A questionable supposed to be 2 year warranty that is only good to the original purchaser.

RCBS = A guaranteed lifetime no BS warranty that follows the equipment. RCBS will honor that lifetime warranty even if your the third person to own the equipment.

Dillon's warranty is the same as RCBS's.

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