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I just bought a Lee die ( bought an extra pin just in case... from reading the comments on Midway... but have run crimped primers & ran into a couple berdan primed cases, & nnot had a problem with my decapping pin ) I love mine... also switched to wet tumbling with stainless pins... I have ammo cans full of empty cases, as I was never really happy with corn cob tumbling, & using the brushes on my RCBS case prep center for cleaning pockets after tumbling...

totally love my set up now, & have been going through all my ammo cans of emptys & making them look new...

just don't forget to size them later ( they'll look so nice, you want to just load them )

one of the reasons I started with my current routine, is I've scratched a sizing die, by sizing & decapping, before cleaning, & some how got some grit into the system... not that dies are super expensive, but I'd rather wear them out from use, than throw them out all scratched up...
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