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I have only built a couple 1911's.I certainly defer to Uncle Nick.

I do not think your chamber finish is the issue.It just does not look bad.To get to half cock,the brass is coming free from the chamber.Unless the brass looks scuffed or riinged,its not flowing into chamber texture.

Not all guns have the same appetite for ammo.Trying a different load may solve it.

Hold the handgun firmly.Do not allow a flexible grip to absorb energy.

One other thing that may be an issue.That link has an elongated hole for the slide stop to go through.Sometimes that is an intentional compromise due to tolerances.But,in your veteran handgun,it may well be wear/stretch.

Back to my descrition of linking down and unlocking.It is the linl that drawsthe barrel down out of lock up.The worn link delays unlocking.When you hand cycle the slide,Gravity is helping the barrel drop free of lockup.Firing is more dynamic.

Its been a long time since I read up on it,but,at the Schuemann Barrels website,therte is a place on "timing" I think.He describes what I am mentioning.

Uncle Nick,I'm a rookie!What do you think of the link?

Post 14,the lower pic.the one of the barrel,look real close at the edges of the locking lugs.Just starting to upset/peen.That happens when the lugs almost fully unlock,then get jumped over,maybe?

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