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I want to emphasize....

...I have never so much as held mutton tallow in my hand so I am only speculating on what I have read.

Everyone here who has ever used it is far more knowledgable than I am.

I have some lard. I have some mutton tallow coming. I am going to compare the two as used in recipes for bore lube for cap and ball revolvers and for BPCR lube (and I think for that application I will try it as a pill rather than just as lube groove lube)

I'll mix up two batches with identical portions (Prolly use Gatofeo 1) and then observe the properties and performance of each.

I know there are those here who are comitted to mutton tallow as desirable over lard. I am not disputing anyone's opinions. I just want to see for myself, if a lard based lube will work as well as mutton tallow.

I do question the idea that lard goes bad over time more quickly than mutton tallow. Lard lasts for years when refrigerated and even has a long shelf life at room temperature if it is kept in a sealed container. The lard I bought yesterday was in the same unrefrigerated section of the store as the vegetable shortening. It does not have a shelf life on it.

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