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nis, 2/11/13

Picking the right bullet mold can be really easy or a pain. If you're lucky you'll pick the right one which will drop all cavities the same size, 0.001-0.002" oversize so you can load them without resizing them (a messy and time consuming step). I've tried the Lee .45 Tumble lube mold, #TL452=230-2R and it dropped bullets from 0.452-458". Thus I had to resize everything. I got moderate leading and after a lot of time and effort found that loading the tumble-lubed bullets into the cases swaged the bullet diameter down to 0.450" which allowed gas cutting around the bullet and the resulting leading (Dillon Square Deal B reloader).

I tried the Lee 228 grain conventional lube groove mold and got bullet drop sizes of 0.452-453". However the ogive of the bullet was too fat for the cartridges to feed into my case gauge and some pistol barrels without sizing. Once sized it seemed to work OK.

I've also tried the Lee 9mm tumble lube and conventional lube molds with some of the similar problems.

Finally I just ordered a .45 mold from You slug your barrel and then order the size and style of mold you want, in either Aluminum, brass or iron. Mine drop at just the size I ordered so no sizing needed and they load and shoot well. No leading whatsoever. They work so well that I ordered a 9mm, 44 special and 770 grain 12 gauge mold.

Some people swear by the Lee molds and some swear at them. Take a look at a dedicated casting forum, and they have a bunch of "stickies" for the new reloader. Good luck.

best wishes- oldandslow
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