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I've owned Smith & Wesson, both Model 17 and 18. Both great guns. You wouldn't be disapointed with either. Same for Dan Wesson 22's. Great shooting, if somewhat heavy to carry. I've owned several Ruger Single-Six's and Colt single actions.

Today, I've only got a Ruger Single-Six, and a High Standard R-106 Sentinel. The Sentinel is a really fun gun. It's become the gun I carry when I take my walk in the morning. You never know when you'll be attacked by a rouge pine cone or something. About the same size as a K-frame, it's a nine shooter with a 4" barrel, and an aluminum frame. It's not a target gun or anything, but just a neat little gun to have and seems to be plenty accurate enough for plinking. And best of all, it was inexpensive. I bought it about a month ago for less than $175.00.

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