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Originally Posted by bluestar View Post
I will eventually get a table press for home use.. got to clean spare room out for now.. and i fogt to mention i will not be loading at work.. just thought i could deprime and reprime at work when I wasn't on calls... Would only be powdering and finishing at home... I was gonna order a scale... Bullet tray and funnel for filling rounds... I just want to take it slow and build my kit up slowly.. don't have the funds to go all in at once.. and this way if I decide reloading isn't for me im not out much cash in the long run.. I jist trying to get my feet wet and test the waters at this point...
Sounds like youre on the right track to me.. youre reading reloading manuals, thats key! Trust me and anyone that reloads for that matter, once you start, you'll never stop doing it. In fact, it becomes an addiction because its as fun as shooting in the first place. I thoroughly enjoy it, unlike you though, I planned on replacing buying any ammo altogether whwn I got my press so I went with a Dillon and never looked back and have made all my ammo for all my caliber guns since then. Just buy as your wallet will allow and enjoy the results.. Good Luck!

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