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Watch her show on Saturday evenings.

She discusses with people their financial management. She also accepts question on the last half of the show whether callers can afford items they want to purchase based upon certain critera as you put it. The criteria is based upon income, expenses (housing cost, car loans, credit card debt & etc.), property ownership, emergency funds on hands, investments, retirement funds and the list can go on to include things like student loans. It is pretty much an evaluation of a person's net worth and how the individual plans on paying for the item if they can afford to buy it. She then provides an "Approved" or a "Denied" based upon the person ability to afford an item they want to buy.

It is common sense, but it is surprising how a vast majority of folks through stupidity do not have a grasp of reality.

I am an old fart. So, on Saturday nights I am home watching tv. I realize many other maybe significantly younger and out kicking up their heals.
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