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Well I guess the thread initially didn't specify Browning only Hi Powers so I suppose I can post up a picture of my Hi Power clone: FM Hi Power.

I got it from a sporting goods store that was going out of business when I was 21 (9 years ago). It was SUPER inexpensive. I think I paid only a couple hundred for it tops. I really don't remember but know it had to have been under $300? It shoots AMAZINGLY. It has never FTL, FTF, of FTE EVER. Not only is that more than I can say of some "safe queens" I have- it is saying something because it got kicked around in my Jeep, taken kayaking, camping, hiking, and dirtbike/trail riding through rain, sleet, snow, and tons of dirt. I had it duracoated black & grey as you can see. Believe it or not most of the guys that I have let shoot it have offered to buy it. Some of the guys have been really knowledgeable of guns. One of which was actually a gunsmith. It really shoots that good.

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