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Thanks for the info guys. I carry a model 38 smith, right now. It was my Grandfather's and I'd HATE for something to happen to it. So I'm considering stashing it in my safety deposit box and replacing my EDC. I love the J-frames and the biggest pro(imo) to the Airlite's is their 11oz weight. I could do without the 357, but since they don't make 11oz revolvers in 38spl(WUWTbtw) I'm looking at the 357.

I've seen some video's of the 11oz 357mag on youtube. Looks VERY jumpy. That's why I inquired about the porting. From my research, porting seems to reduce felt recoil by 20% while only losing a very minimal amount of velocity. Seemed like a good payoff. But those are internet numbers so who knows.

As far as shooting a ported revolver from the pocket, that would introduce different problems than the fireball from the muzzle? Also, is the blindness from a ported snub that much worse than a non ported barrel?


As for the SP101, I've been wanting one. Not for pocket carry, though. I love the light weight guns for carry. I'm liking the Ruger(for me) as a backup HD gun[hi-power] that's beginner friendly. I think it has the potential to really shine in that role.
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