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Dream setup - 5.6 x 45 NATO, 7.6x51 NATO & 6.8 SPC

Hey guys,

I'm looking to set up a top notch reloading station for 223, 308 and 6.8. Help me out here. What would you get. I have my eyes on the following:

An ultrasonic cleaner
A bench mounted primer pocket swager (I have a lot of “military style” brass already)
A trim pro power case kit
A Pro 2000 progressive auto indexing press
A .22 and .3 bullet feeder. (do they make one that will handle the 6.8?)
A powder checker
A primer strip loader
A charge master combo
Powder funnel
Bullet feed die (do I need one for each caliber?)

I'm missing a bunch I know. I'd like to be able to do a fairly easy switch between calibers without needing to redial all the odds and ends. Other than the appropriate dyes, cases, primers, bullets and lubricants do I need a powder measure for each?

I like the setup from one of the youtube videos where they seat the bullet originally with a backed out RCBS die and then a final seat with a redding competition die.

Are there any parts you'd switch out? Why?

Thanks in advance.

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