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Hey Walt and Lee. Thanks for sharing my interest in this subject. Sorry for taking so long to be back, but I had a very heavy working season since last octobre.

CZ110 is an awesome gun, being exactly as described by Lee. Trigger at SA mode is way much smoother and shorter than DA. However, I find the DA on it very adequate as a safety measure while carrying it with a round in the chamber. Decocker makes a real advantage in the guns design.

In the other had, It took me some time to look around and my research might bring some promising results. The other day I had the chance to try a Mecgar mag intended for a 9mm full sized pre-2005 Witness. Rounds fed consistently when manually working the slide which locked open after last round was ejected. It was a 16 round mag, so if it works, it might be a solution to my problem. Unfortunately I wont be able to real fire test it at the range for the next couple of weeks because of a knee injury, but I'll let you know as soon as I can.

Good shooting.
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