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...I'm not much of an N-frame guy. I'd been shooting handguns for 24 years before I finally bought my first N-frame, a Model 625-6. That's the 5-inch .45 Auto chamber "Model of 1989" before they began to offer the 4" Jerry Miculek version.

I thought it would be a grand way to break in to the world of N-frames. Instead, we had a very short and forgettable little fling. I thought the 5" barrel would be absolutely perfect, but it didn't feel perfect -- it felt a bit light or a bit short. Cut my teeth on 6" K & L-frames, and though I think the look is "right", they feel just a tiny bit heavy. Going with a 5-incher on a larger frame gun with a big hole in that barrel just didn't feel the way I "thought" it would.

I didn't have much of a chance to see if I'd learn to shoot well with it. I put 135 rounds through it in one range trip and then I sold it 3.5 weeks after I got it for exactly what I paid for it.

Buying a handgun and then giving up on it in almost ANY amount of time is something that I'd never done before. And it wasn't even that I wanted to move on. It was a wacky situation and I found a gun that I had to own like literally one week after getting that Model 625. Given the situation I had placed myself in -- moving the 625 felt like the right thing to do. Since I could get out of it exactly what I had paid... I made the decision.

I have had regrets after selling a gun before...and believe me when I tell you that I rarely sell one, but I've had no regrets with that 625. And the gun that helped to usher it out...well, I've got no regrets on that one, but it's not a revolver.
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