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Excellent, M.

I, too, wish I could be optimistic about effects.

Many gun-control advocates are either making or responding to an emotional argument. Many, quite literally, don't know how to respond to or to conduct a rational discussion or how to deal with facts/data which run counter to their "feelings". I believe every human past a certain age is capable of rational thought. For too many, however, it's just too much trouble.

I think we RKBA types are missing the boat, in a way. We really would be better served to find a way to help the undecided and uneducated (about our issue) "feel" good about gun ownership. (This is the gun-related part, mods).

On a related note, we are all victims of a constant onslaught, from the federal government and from the MSM, designed to convince us all that liberty is just too dangerous to keep and we should turn all our decisions over to those who know better than we how to manage our lives.

God help us all.

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