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My 45 Colt Ruger Blackhawk will do everything I'll ever ask of a hunting handgun, so would a similar 44 mag. I just happen to prefer the RBH over the Super Blackhawk. On paper the 45 Colt seems to have an edge for max loads but my RBH's role is a backup hunting weapon and a quick follow-up shot is part of my requirements. I can launch a 300 gr JSP from my RBH at somewhat over 1300 fps but can't find a way to enjoy it, let alone launch a quick follow-up shot. My current hunting load is well short of a max load, BTW. Matter of fact it's less than my black powder "play" loads. A big chunk of lead doesn't need to go very fast to get the job done, IMHO.
One possible advantage of the 44 Mag is that almost all guns are designed to handle full-house loads, most 45 Colt revolvers are not.
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