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New to reloading? Advice...Insight welcomed!!

I have started ordering in few things at a time.

i have this on way currently!

Lyman 49Th Edition Reloading Handbook

Lee hand Press

500 45 acp nickel casings

45 acp lee carbide dies which hopefully will be shipped on 28 th of feb.

my plan is to start reading handbook while i order more stuff. im currently running fmj Blazer 45 rounds through my kimber for break in. while im reading i gonna pick up new item for set up evry other week. Next purchse i plan on is primers so i can start putting primers in casings while i am reading load values and preparing to find which powder i want to go with. Also gonna order bullet puller, scale, and calipers.

After reading and getting cases primed i gonna order my powder and fmj bullets. should i start out with a lower grain bullet or is it ok to just get the 230 grain fmj bullets? any other things i should look into?

im not looking for a progressive machine...i got the hand press so i can take to work and use on down time as well as home use. im not looking for a fast reloading looking to learn the right way..take my time..and put out couple hundred rounds a week output correctly. Any other ideas to help me on my learning curve?
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