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I have 4, 2 in 9 and 2 in .40. I only have one Glock.

I agree with everything people have said about how great it is, except praise for the trigger. The trigger is the one thing that needs to be tuned for me to accept them. Stock, they seem to have a 7-10 lb trigger. I like mine between 5 and 6 lbs. Possible to do with the Hi Power, but not easy. And no real way to shorten the long reset.

James K, you said
Even by the end of WWII, its 13+1 capacity made it tops in that category among service pistols. At that time, of course, double action automatic pistols were almost unknown, though Walther was working on the PP model.
Don't forget the Walther P38: a more common sidearm in WW II than the Luger, from what I've read. DA/SA with the locking block design used in Beretta's 92, from what I've read. But it was an 8 round single-stacked magazine. The P38 was the first DA/SA handgun I know of that was mass-produced.
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