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Update: Yesterday I went to the range and ran the Final Finish system through the gun. After thinking it through, and taking in all of the input from the forum, I opted for the complete kit.

Results: As promised, the gun cleans a lot easier. The last time I had the gun out, I put 5 shots through it, and it cleaned as of had been a hundred. This time after 5 shots, it cleaned quickly.

Accuracy: I only ran 5 shoots through it, but it was a sub MOA group (just barely). The entire process, including the range's line breaks, took 5 hours. I was done shooting before I took the five shots. I'm confident that I can do better when I'm fresh.

I'm happy with the results. I believe it cost approximately $35. I will use it again if I have a gun that fits that criteria.

Thanks for the input
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