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I used to carry the old 210 grain Winchester Police Load in a Model 57 back in the day. Problem is, its weaker than advertised. My 230 grain Keith type loads are much more potent. Also the meplat is wider and the edges sharper.

No, for my part if, I carried the .41 again and thats a big if given my afinity for semi-autos, I use the 210 grain Gold Dot, or 180 grain Barnes. Perhaps the 210 grain Nosler.

I still have some of the old 210 grain Winchester Police rounds. From the left: .41 Magnum 230 grain Keith Type, over 17.5 grains of 2400 in Starline brass, Winchester .41 Magnum 210 grain Police Load, Remington .38 Special 158 grain Lead Semi-Wadcutter Hollow Point for comparisons sake.
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