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Consider this, explained to me by a cowboy quick draw guy ...

Shoot SLOWER than normal. Once you're "ready to shoot" you shoot about as fast as you physically can. You may be able to pull the trigger a few thousandths faster. But in reality, you're already fast at THAT part of the combination of movements. It's the "getting ready to shoot" portion that's slowing you down.

Shoot SLOWER than normal, means you are forced to focus on that time and space that "gets you ready" for the shot. When you slow down and focus on that time and space you can more clearly see wasted movements and movements that you can combine. Once you realize "I have to get the gun from here to there" then you can focus on getting that single movement more efficient. If you also need to get "this trigger finger from here to there", going slow may allow you do that at the same time as you're moving the gun.

That all might sound a little more counter to the popular "Just push yourself" suggestions. But it works for quick draws, martial artists, guitar shredders and other operators that fine tune muscle movements to extremely high speeds.

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