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Own 2, no problems at all

First handgun I ever bought was in 2009, a Taurus 85 Ultralite snubby for home defense. I put several hundred rounds through it at the range with no issues, including a couple of hundred +P+ loads. Its 2" barrel encouraged me to work on my hold to improve accuracy. It became my carry gun when I got my CCW in 2010. It's still my backup carry gun (I switched to a Ruger LC9 two months ago, it's slimmer and easier to conceal plus 3 more rounds available and a pinky extension on my magazines that helps my accuracy).

When I decided I wanted to work on accuracy at longer ranges, in late 2009, I bought a Taurus 82 with 4" barrel, and got into reloading. I've fired thousands of reloads through it and the only issue I've had, has been barrel leading from all the lead semi-wadcutters I've put through it. But that's easy enough to deal with. I'd like to see about maybe a little lighter trigger pull in double-action mode, but I'd trust my life to either one. I'd use the 82 in competition, if I decide to get into that.
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