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L_Killkenny, I've not shot a rimfire 22 at 200 yards but once checking out some excellent match ammo that shoots no worse than 3/4 inch at 100 yards. That's as good as rimfire ammo is these days. . .at 25 cents a round or more.

Best 10-shot groups were about 3 inches. That's 1.5 MOA or more; twice the subtended group size as at 100 yards. Good rifles and ammo will shoot 3 inches or better at 600 yards; that's .5 MOA. My querys from folks who've shot Rimfire Palma at 200 yards say it's much worse than shooting high power at 600 or 1000 yards. Both accuracy and wind issues are not favorably comparable.

Shoot rimfire at 100 yards as the accuracy, wind drift and smallbore target ring sizes are virtually equal to centerfire at 1000. Only real difference is having to hold perfectly still twice as long with .22 rimfire after the sear releases the firing pin firing the round waiting for the bullet to exit the muzzle. Follow through's twice as important in smallbore.

Note: Strelok's free ballistic app's only available for Androids. Winchester has a free one for iPhones.
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