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Not sure I remember Bill Hammond,and am trying to remember the names or monikers of some of the others in 3 Fires. There was a Native American we called Blanket A$$, and he called himself that as well, made puppy stew once or twice too. A guy named Pete called Paw Haskin's , He wore a tanned, fur on Bull Elk Scrotum as a hat some times, Ken Stuck, And Homer Dangler from Adrian that had a gun shop. Another Guy I remember was a big dude called 3 or III. Racking my brain to remember others.

Art Holly was my Mentor, teaching me how to build ML rifles and such. Pa Keeler helped me a lot too. I only lived in ER, about 6 month's as I left to be Gunsmith at Fort Fire Lands in Northern Ohio. That did not turn out well, but I sure gained some needed experience, Guns, and in life. That was 1970 or 1971.

Once Before I moved to ER, I drove from Muncie Indiana to a 3 Fires shoot near Flint. Shot in every match and drove home to keep my privileges.

Have a great time and we used to play Euchre at lunch at Westinghouse in Muncie, Indiana.

Shinin' times!

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