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I just got one about a month ago. Its a plain old 1895G.

The action was a little rough, and most of that is where the notch in the bolt for the firing pin disconnect hangs up on the hammer as it passes over it. I filed the hammer some and smoothed it out with some emery and it seems to be a good bit smoother, but still hangs a little at the same spot. A Winchester it aint.

I also removed the recoil pad and fitted a butt plate to it. Fits much better now, and with no hang ups shouldering.

Shooting wise, it shoots pretty good. Im waiting on a Skinner rear sight for it right now. Will probably replace the front sight with an XS I have that came with my Trappers Ghost Ring once the peep gets here. The factory sights, both front and rear are a little lacking.

I mostly shoot 300 grain LRNFP over 14.0 grains of Trail Boss at around 1200fps, and its a soft, fun shooter.
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