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Need holster ideas for Uberti 1860 Army

I want an authentic style holster, that would lend itself to a rapid draw. I thought of this earlier today, when I was writing about my Single Action Army holster. Its a Tom Threepersons and he was a real Texas Ranger who designed the holster for a rapid draw.

I'd like to practice with my Uberti 1860 the same way I do with my Colt Single Action Army. Which is practically, with full power defnse loads. So I need an authentic, gunfighter style holster to do it with. I've also thought that perhaps a brace of 1860s, or 1851s might be the way to go, given how slow they are to reload.

Ideas? You guys are the best black powder and cowboy action shooters on the net, so pick my holster rig.

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